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Kevin Ryan - Author

Echoes Through the Mist

     The economy is in meltdown. His ex-wife who wants to see him dead and some Russian mobsters couldn’t agree more.  

     When that isn't going on, his high-octane Wall Street career is likely to land him in prison. Julian Blessing is not having a good day and thinks it just might be time to start listening to the voice inside his head.

     The message is as emphatic as it is baffling and forces him to the rugged coast of Ireland and the village of Cappel Vale.

     A madman possessed of supernatural powers is intent on sowing terror in the hearts of those in the village. Murder and intimidation are the man’s tools of choice.

     His desire for revenge and greed puts Julian directly in his path.  By protecting the village, Julian puts himself high on the madman’s to-be-slaughtered list.

     Desperate for any advantage, Julian finds the Hagan, a woman with vast supernatural gifts who is steeped in Ireland’s ancient wisdom. Hers are otherworldly talents with decidedly this-worldly applications.

     Murder victims are multiplying fast as Julian races to unlock The Hagan’s mysterious arts. Her arcane knowledge is the only hope he has of being able to draw his fellow villagers back from annihilation.

     To stay alive long enough to use what he learns, Julian must trust his heart to a stranger, his soul to a witch and place his life in the hands of a village full of Irish lunatics.

     Listen for echoes through the mist and you will live the history, language, humor, lore, music, madness and magic of Ireland and learn that life is better when one is a bit economical with the truth.



     "This is a rare and unique paranormal trip through a landscape peopled with characters that linger and make themselves indelibly home in your mind forever. This is a book to read and treasure over and over again."

     "Echoes Through the Mist is so well imagined that the unbelievable is totally believable. These characters make their way into your heart, and you will be cheering for them, laughing with them, urging them on, and wishing their tale would never end."

     "Love the story, the characters, and the old ways of Ireland. The paranormal mysteries are amazing. I was shocked at how much detail and humanity is in each character. The entire book is like that. Every word is well chosen, every concept well thought out, every scene and character vivid and believable."


Echoes Through the Mist available at Amazon

Echoes Through the Vatican


     Julian Blessing is an ordinary man with extraordinary abilities. While in Rome to investigate an ancient mystery, Julian is plunged into a world of paranormal power, deception and danger.

     At the heart of it all is a baffling cipher – The Jesuit Book.

     A shadow organization, tracing its dark ancestry back two thousand years, wants only one thing from Julian – Assassinate the Pope, the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.

     A corrupt cardinal, an honorable priest, a sadistic mobster, a whorehouse madam and a stymied police inspector – They all want something and that something is Julian Blessing.

     The loss of everything Julian would give up his life to protect is the outcome if he fails to navigate the deadly maze of Vatican intrigue.

     With everything at stake, what if you lose? And what of the Jesuit Book?



     "Mesmerizing! I was fascinated by the pace, the intricacies of the characters, the twists and turns of the plot and the originality of the story."

     "The prose of this author is amazing. That is in addition to a wonderful paranormal thriller to woo the mind and jumble your emotions for a long, long time after having finished the book."

     "Really fascinating book. Could not put it down. Excellent insight into the internecine strife within the Vatican and great descriptions of Rome."

     "The characters were brilliantly described. Some were funny, others frighteningly sinister. There were many plot twists to create suspense and the grand climax at the end left me eager for the next in the series of four."

     "This book had me captive for days! Mr. Ryan certainty can write!!! Great mystery with intrigue and suspense!!"

     "Where better than in the Eternal City? The story and the characters can be found in the headlines of today's news. "Vatican" captured me on page one and didn't let me loose."


Echoes Through the Vatican available at Amazon

Echoes From the Past


     Terrorist bombings, political unrest and a man whose life is in tatters…

     Evil exists and it wants Julian Blessing dead. Julian, a man with exceptional paranormal powers, is back in Ireland to face his most daunting challenge yet.

     The Jesuit Book – it is a book that some say doesn’t exist. Others are afraid to admit it does. Others will murder to get it.  Julian is the keeper of the Book. His task is to protect it regardless of the risks, heedless of the costs.

     During his mission to Rome, friends died and others wish they had. Badly scarred emotionally, Julian has returned to Ireland to rebuild himself as well as prepare for the conflict he knows will come.

     Can he overcome his own demons in order to fight those who would take the Book and his life?



     "From the first page, it was like coming home. After some gut-wrenching personal wrestling, Julian faces his enemies and it all hits the fan. K. Ryan came back with another great novel."

     "I could not have had a bigger smile as I read through the offering in Echoes from the Past, renewing my acquaintance of all the characters from the previous books."

     "I was intrigued by the story, but even more taken with the cadence and carefully chosen words used to describe the action and draw in the reader. I was swept away, a willing victim captivated by the journey of Julien and his friends and enemies."


Echoes from the Past available at Amazon

Echoes and Light


     Possessing a tremendous array of paranormal abilities, Julian Blessing has returned to the peaceful village of Cappel Vale.

     Below the surface, however, a secret is harbored – a secret that involves a heinous crime from the distant past and its present-day punishment.  Julian is stymied at every turn when he sets out to find a murderer.

     An unusual cast of eccentric characters is sworn to keeping Julian from learning the facts of the case. As much as Julian wants the truth, they are resolved to make sure he doesn’t get it.

     Julian’s teacher, mentor and friend, Moira Hagan, has thwarted the plans of an organization whose objective is the enslavement of humanity.

     Their leader is John Clarke – a man who is pledged to making sure the human race never learns the truth of its birthright, regardless of who gets in the way or who dies.

     Right now, Moira Hagan is in the way.



     "Reading book four "Echoes and Light" was like going home. Familiar places, reminiscences, seeing old friends again and catching up on what's gone on since the last visit. I judge my enjoyment of a book by the emotions it evokes in me. "Echoes and Light" made me laugh and cry, caused me to be angry and relieved."

     "I think the most undervalued writer in the world right now, is probably Kevin Ryan with this beautiful, richly endowed series of The Echoes books. Each is a standalone book. Together they make a marvelous tapestry of life in rural Ireland that add to that rich treasury of folklore. Echoes and Light is another major contribution."


Echoes and Light available at Amazon