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Kevin Ryan - Author

There Was A Man Who Wasn't There


Most-of-the-time mystery author, part time police detective, Ian Janik has a problem.

A gold miner has been murdered in the small Colorado town of Falls River. It’s an unheard-of crime in this pastural enclave of eccentrics.

Problem is the prospector wasn’t who he said he was. In fact, he never existed at all according to official records. To make matters murkier, his body is now missing from the morgue.

As if things weren’t difficult enough, Ian’s police chief assigns his niece, Megan Underwood, to assist in the investigation. With his new partner, Ian must build a picture of the quintessential man who wasn’t there.

“Leave the case alone and we’ll leave you alone,” Ian and his partner are told by a shadowy government operative. That warning only spurs the pair to push further and deeper into what could get them killed.

One piece at a time, the puzzle pieces are fitted together and a scandal reaching into the highest echelons of power is exposed.

The Assistant - A Romantic Suspense Novel


     The Assistant is currently awaiting publication.

     Elizabeth Forbes is the definition of high powered. She is also the definition of impossible to work for. She goes through executive assistants like other people go through dryer sheets.

     Thomas Prescott is intelligent, talented, always composed and impossible to dislike. He has been assigned to Elizabeth as an executive assistant.  There are only two differences between Thomas and the long succession of assistants Elizabeth has run off. He can’t be fired and he is able to remain unruffled in the face of her tantrums and demands.

     Opposites attract and soon they can’t deny their immediate, emotional and risky attraction or ignore the steamy chemistry that develops between them.

     Playing business hardball is a dangerous game. When tech entrepreneur Edward Scripts and his up-and-coming firm is rejected by Elizabeth for a stock offering, he takes his brutal revenge.

     Elizabeth and Thomas must unite to expose the naked greed and corruption of a madman and his Russian backers intent on derailing the democratic process.

Everything will pivot on The Assistant.